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Budget Friendly, Reliable,
Scalable and Secure Private Cloud

OpenRack:Ready is a certified all-inclusive turnkey on-premise "open source" private cloud solution for organizations looking for a competitive edge while lower IT delivery costs. It features self-service automated server, network and storage provisioning. The solution is shipped fully assembled, configured and tested for installation in your data center behind your firewalls or in your DMZ. The OpenStack cloud operating system is an "open source" solution and is 100% free to use for private and commercial use. No licensing and no maintenance fees (compare to VMware by clicking here). It´s deployed today at organizations like AT&T, Volkswagen, Verizon, NASA, Walmart, Best Buy, Bank of America, etc., etc.

How It Works:
OpenStack Private Cloud In Your Data Center - 30 Days From Order To Deployment

The OpenRack:Ready solution is factory built and tested to insure a fast and trouble free installation. It is based on certified, supported and tested OpenStack private cloud reference architecture - the same cloud software running dozens of the most popular public clouds. It´s tailored to your specific use cases. The solution is factory integrated, configured and tested before shipping the fully configured rack(s) to your location. It allows for very rapid deployment of any size OpenStack environment. This proven solution also allows for very rapid non-disruptive expansion.

Hardware and the OpenStack cloud operating system come with ongoing expert technical support. Optional training, professional services and managed services are available. The solution slashes time-to-market for software development, increases software quality, and drives huge financial wins. You can start with a few hundred virtual servers and grow to 10´s of thousands of virtual servers seamlessly.

OpenRack:Ready will meet all of your security and compliance requirements with FIPS 140-2 compliant virtual machine encryption, access control, access logging and alerting. Click any of the images below for more detailed information about our security and compliance.

Why OpenRack:Ready?

You want OpenRack:Ready because it eliminates expensive server virtualization and cloud software licensing and maintenance through the use of "open source" software (say good-bye to your expensive VMware Enterprise License Agreement like Intel Corporation did), allows organizations to use cost effective enterprise¬ready commodity hardware, comes fully configured and tested before it arrives in your data center and dramatically lowers operational labor costs by automating server, network and storage provisioning.

You can own a production ready Virtual Machine (4 vCPU, 8GB memory) for less than cost of a cheeseburger per month with our OpenStack solution securely deployed in your data center. And better yet, you can generate it in mere minutes from a self-service web portal. Doesn¹t that sound delicious?

That same Virtual Machine will cost $100 or more per month from public cloud providers or from infrastructure using commercial cloud sofftware (i.e. VMware). Boo! Hiss! Bad! You can do better! An open source OpenStack private cloud deployed in your data center is an order of magnitude more affordable versus public or commercial private clouds (see below). If you are tired of being financially abused by your software vendor or public cloud provider it is time to check out other options. Visit out our financial calculator and compute your own savings.

OpenRack:Ready solution is designed for companies desiring to scale for large-out web applications and Big Data initiatives, accelerate application development, decrease time-to-market, lower operational costs and enable Agile development, DevOps, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment.

What makes our offering different? OpenRack:Ready delivers the lowest cost per virtual machine versus any private or public cloud offering - in many cases as much as 90% lower - while still providing enterprise level support (the same OpenStack software support used by AT&T, Volkswagen, Verizon, Intel, etc.).

OpenStack vs Google vs AWS cost comparison
OpenStack financial calculatorWith 90%+ profit margins no wonder Google and AWS are clamoring over your business! Our solution leverages the cost savings driven by "open source" software and enterprise ready commodity servers. The more OpenStack you deploy the lower your cost per virtual server. Our solution also helps you avoid vendor "lock-in" as we use "pure play" OpenStack with no proprietary modifications.

It allows you to rapidly deploy a complete solution that you know will work from the first day it is deployed. It eliminates time on trial and error deployment attempts and never ending "science experiments". Our process includes the following:

Sound too good to be true? Put us to the test today! No hidden fees, no "gotchas", no bait-and-switch or last minute add-ons. You´ll find us to be straight shooters and experts in our technologies. Why not put us to work for you today?

With OpenRack:Ready solutions, Enterprises are able to:
Process Files/Data faster
Faster business decisions
Deploy faster
Faster time to market
Iterate app testing quicker
Increase innovation and improve quality
Gain workload control
Reduce risk, increase security
Reduce errors and accelerate time to market
Lower TCO
Increase earnings
OpenRack:Ready - Pre-installed & pre-configured Private Cloud

Why not deploy OpenStack the easy way?

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Exploring Opportunities: Containers and OpenStack

Learn more about OpenStack Containers and why companies are deploying in prodcution today...

Containers are certainly a hot topic. The OpenStack User Survey indicates over half of the respondents are interested in containers in conjunction with their OpenStack clouds for production uses. Thanks to new open source initiatives, primarily Docker, containers have gained signicant popularity lately among Developer and Ops communities alike.

The Linux kernel has supported containers for several years, and now even Microsoft Windows is following suit. However, container use in the enterprise remains an emerging opportunity since standards are still being formed, the toolset ecosystem around containers is relatively new, and ROI is uncertain.

Containers are an evolving technology and OpenStack is evolving to support them, just as it has supported other emerging technologies in the past. Rather than create new vertical silos to manage containers in their data centers, IT organizations and value in OpenStack providing a cross-platform API to manage virtual machines, containers and bare metal.

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containers vs vms

vmware alternative, cloud, private cloud, openstackIntel Corporation achieved "Increased agility - server provisioning dropped from 90 days to 30 minutes and reduced operational costs by $21 million"

Download the Intel IT: An Architectural Evolution with OpenStack Case Study for the whole story...

Intel´s OpenStack deployment will reduce its annual 8,400 service requests and the 190,000 man hours to fulfill those requests by 90% in 2016. You can see proportional results in your environment with an OpenStack solution designed and deployed by OpenRack:Ready consulting services.

OpenStack Design, Deployment, Support & Training

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OpenRack:Ready provides project management, scalable architectural design, deployment and configuration services, on-going support and operational training for you staff. We make sure your OpenStack deployment is designed to scale with your business, increases your business agility and greatly reduces your operational and acquisition costs of infrastructure.

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From the ground up, we are your OpenStack architects.

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